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turn podpak // ultimate starter kit



$134.99 $74.99

step 1: choose first pod

step 2: choose second pod

step 3: choose third pod

step 4: choose forth pod

step 5: choose podpak color

  • black podpak
  • black podpak

step 6: choose case color

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    the podpak

    The vape kit that’s got everybody buzzing. podpak is an innovative, discreet battery case that holds your podpen vape and two(!) turnpods. That way you’ll always have room for a different oil type, flavor, strain, or just double space for your faves.

    2x the grams | 2x the flavors | 2x the strains | 2x the journey | 8x the battery life

    • podpak = big battery charging case
    • Holds 1 vape (podpen) + 2 turnpods
    • Flash-charges podpen in 5 minutes
    • LED indicators, USB-C compatibility
    • High-grade stainless steel

    Portable, pocket-comfy, mess-free, aroma-containing perfection. Are they earbuds? Fancy mints? Don’t ask, don’t tell.

    the podpen

    The mini yet mighty vape pen outfitted with TRUtaste™ tech for incredible flavor and consistent clouds. No heavy metals, cotton, or glues — just you and your oil.

    • Always charged to 100% when stored in podpak after each use
    • Strong magnetic connectors for effortless pod swap-ability
    • 2x vents (carbs) help you control airflow
    • Patented ceramic cool-heat = uniform vapor for creamy, consistent hits

    Keep podpen in its podpak charging case and it’ll always be ready to rip at peak efficiency for optimal performance all day.

    the pods

    Crafted with maximum care and intention. We fill turnpods with ultra-pure, high-quality, independently tested cannabis or hemp oils. No additives, no vitamin E acetate, no crap. Just sun-grown, California-cultivated goodness with naturally derived terpenes (or nothing else at all!).

    • Zero prep — just pop in your pod and inhale
    • Heat ID recognizes the pod and oil type and adjusts temperatures accordingly
    • No buttons, no guesswork, no user error
    • Perfectly calibrated design for free and easy airflow

    in the box // specs

    what you get:

    podpak charging case
    podpen vape
    USB-C charging cable

    how to use:

    Your podpak and podpen arrived charged and ready for immediate use:

    Pop your turnpod* into your podpen
    Inhale, exhale, enjoy life

    *Pods sold separately

    about the batteries:

    1 podpak // 2 batteries
    2x top-line batteries | 2x the support | 2x the reliability | 8x the power |

    • 1 full podpak charge = 8 podpen charge cycles
    • podpen flash-charges in 5 minutes
    • podpak quick-charges in 25 minutes
    • Up to 400 total pulls
    • Go off-grid with up to a week of uninterrupted power

    With other vapes, performance starts suffering from that first battery-draining pull. Never with podpak.

    Kickstart my heart! This kit is your brand-new bundle of joy to take turn home and start living your best life together. Priced just right (regular MSRP comes out to $135!), and customizable to your tastes...this is pretty sweet.


    what you get:

    (1)  podpak (black or white)

    - podpak charging case

    - podpen vape

    - USB-C charging cable

    (4)  turnpod flavors


    (1)  podpak essentials kit (black, white, orange, pink, orange, green, blue, purple)

    -snug-fit silicone case (for podpak only)

    -cotton lanyard

    -metal keyring with matching charm

    **Due to overwhelmingly high demand, please allow 3-5 business days post-purchase to receive a tracking update. When your order has been shipped, you'll receive your tracking information via email. If you have any questions, check in with us over chat at podpak.me. 

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